2 Day RDS Instructional Train the Trainer Course

Anoka County Sheriff's Office 13301 Hanson Blvd NW, Andover, MN, United States

The MCC 2-Day RDS Instructor course sponsored by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office is designed to give department instructional staff a hands-on experience of RDS handgun familiarization, training, skill, technique, and department program development. This course will provide the student trainer with a solid basic understanding of the RDS, common RDS issues and operations and […]

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Night Vision Advanced Operations Course

Chisago Country Sheriff's Office 15230 Per Road, Center City, MN, United States

This 2-day training was developed for officers who already have the basic capability to use night vision and thermal in patrol and tactical situations. This course is intended to be a next step for officers to further develop their ability to move, shoot, and communicate while using night vision. This course will include limited classroom, […]

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Basic Tactical Officer Course

St. Cloud Police Department 101 11th Ave N., Saint Cloud, MN, United States

The Five Day Basic Tactical Operators Course sponsored by the St Cloud Police Department and is designed for the entry level Tactical Officer or Operator or the currently operational officer that has not been to an updated swat course for several years. The course focuses on the basics of working in the team environment, concentrating […]

Officer Ambush -2 Day Course

Chisago Country Sheriff's Office 15230 Per Road, Center City, MN, United States

This 2-day patrol level course is designed to enhance your skills to not only survive but dominate an ambush attack while on duty in multiple environments. These situations will include being in your patrol vehicle, on a traffic stop, or working in an area near your squad or other vehicles. In addition to vehicle-related ambush […]

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Designated Rifle Marksman / LPVO 2-day

Chisago County Range 43235 Harder Ave, Harris

PURPOSE OF COURSE: The two (2) day Designated Rifle Marksman (DRM) course is designed to train the officer or SWAT Operator to be proficient with a carbine equipped with a low power scope or magnifier and to be able to engage targets out to 200 yards. This course is not a substitute for law enforcement […]

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