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Custom Designed and On-Location Courses

Mission Critical Concepts has well over 20 years of training experience; training thousands of Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian personnel. We pride ourselves in our ability to custom design specific courses to meet the various needs of law enforcement and security agencies / officers.  If you have a topic or objective that isn’t offered in your area we can not only create a course to meet your demands, but we can bring it right to you.  We have the ability to bring all of our courses to your training site as well as the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. Listed below is just some of the courses offered by Mission Critical Concepts.

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Basic Swat

The five-day Basic Tactical Officer Course is designed for the entry level or newly appointed tactical officer. This high intensity course focuses on the basics of working in the team environment; concentrating on tactical team skills, operations and concepts. There will be extensive range drills and dynamic scenarios and the SWAT student must pass physical fitness and shooting standards.  Students can expect 10-12 hour days as we firmly believe a 40 hour course cannot cover all of the material needed to prepare an officer to operationally join a tactical team upon return to their agency. Students should have a high degree of proficiency with their hand guns and rifles (or subguns) prior to enrolling.


Advanced Sniper Course

The three day Advanced Sniper Course is designed specifically to address the unique needs of the law enforcement SWAT sniper who has graduated from a basic sniper school and yearns for additional training and knowledge.  Instruction will include covert urban operations, moving targets, low and no light engagement, constructing and shooting from urban and vehicular hides, shooting through various mediums to include vehicles and glass, and sniper initiated assaults as well as the sniper’s role in hostage rescue and counterterrorism.  Range training will include engagement of targets out to 300+ yards. Additional training considerations incorporate the use of suppressed weapons, night operation devices and Low / No Light operations.

Tactical Operations in Rural Terrain

This three day course is designed for the officers who work in rural environments and want to improve their odds of success operating in rural terrain.  This unique environment can prove difficult and dangerous for individual officers / deputies and most tactical operations. This course will involve extensive training in operations and tactics of tactical personnel in the wooded, rural or remote environment.  We will teach you how to navigate through this environment and use it to your advantage.

Heavy Weapons / M240B / M2 .50 cal. / M82A1 Barrett

This course is designed and taught by highly trained operational personnel with hands on experience with the .50 cal M2 heavy machine gun, .50 cal M82A1 Barrett Rifle and M240 Bravo systems.  The course consists of classroom presentation and range (dry and live fire) exercises for these specific Heavy Weapons.  This course is designed specifically for nuclear facility security personnel that employ these type of weapons or any other agency with similar armament and mission requirements. We offer this course in operator level and instructor level depending on your needs.


Advanced SWAT

This three-day course is designed for the experienced tactical operator with prior training in basic swat tactics and a minimum of two years on a tactical team. This course develops and advances the fundamentals of SWAT operators using lessons learned from veteran SWAT officers and team leaders.  We will cover new concepts and tactics in dealing with emerging threat trends to include counter-terrorism and responding to hostile events.  There will be advanced shooting techniques, hostage rescue, CQB, and increasingly more complicated scenarios that the student must overcome.  This class will cover the planning, preparation, and execution phase as well as student led debriefs.  This challenging course is a “must” for SWAT operators who are hungry for more specialized training or need an “intensity boost” in their routine tactical training.

Ballistic Bunker

This one day course is designed for the Patrol Active Shooter Response, High Risk Patrol Environments or Law Enforcement Special Operations Personnel that deploy ballistic bunkers as a tactical tool in high risk and tactical environments. Participants will spend the majority of the course time conducting practical exercises or on range conducting drills and live fire exercises.

Human Tracking

This course is designed to take law enforcement personnel through the art and discipline of man tracking. Students will learn how to track and use  tracking skills to succesfully pursue dangerous criminals fleeing on foot in most rural terrain.  Students will leave our course with the confidence and skills to track in any terrain, an increased awareness of their surroundings and situations, and learn or “refresh” their land navigation skills.

V.I.P. Protection

This course will provide the fundamental tactics and techniques for the executive protective agent who is tasked with providing security and protection for the “principle” in a variety of real world situations and circumstances.  It will cover all aspects of protection from one-man details to mid and full-size protection teams.  Class regimen includes how to protect the VIP on foot, in the home, in public venues, and in vehicles to include vehicular-mobile protection.  The course is taught by operational and tactical personnel with real world experience in V.I.P. and Executive protection.  This unique course will have some classroom portions but the majority will take place outside the classroom and include scenarios in the general public.

Night Vision Operator

This is a two day course designed to provide the tactical operator with a strong foundation for the use of night vision equipment and its role in law enforcement tactical operations. The course is a systematic approach to equipment selection, use, its limitations and operational considerations through classroom discussions, practical exercises, live fire range drills and scenario based exercises using force on force marking rounds. Students will gain hands-on experience with the function and operation of various night vision systems as well as various infrared laser sighting systems; the use if IR Light, the benefits and limitations of night vision devices and associated equipment; and the dangers presented by infrared laser devices to eye safety. Thermal options will also be available for comparison during the class.

Basic Sniper Course

This demanding, five day course is designed for the entry level or newly appointed tactical officer assigned to the role of police sniper.  This course focuses on the basics of  precision riflework with a sniper-grade rifle and the intricacies of the scout/sniper in tactical police operations.  Topics covered will include: range estimation, understanding the effects of weather on ballistics, scouting and covert surveillance, urban and rural stalking, setting up a hide position in rural and urban environments, and implementing modern tactical technology specific to the police sniper.  We will spend the majority of the course outside the classroom on ranges, stalk lanes, and urban training areas. We will also conduct scenarios where students will have to covertly infiltrate a training area and observe, communicate, provide intelligence, and potentially prosecute a threat without being detected.


Tactical Breaching (Manual / Ballistic / Mechanical / Explosive)

This course will teach the art and science of structure breaching to officers that are assigned to tactical teams and task forces that execute high risk entry and no-knock warrant service.  Participants will be certified in manual, ballistic, and mechanical breaching entry methods for tactical personnel. There is optional days available for operator level explosive breaching training and certification.

Armored Vehicle Operations

This one-day course is intensive training that will highlight the use, operation, tactical deployment, and operational capabilities of the modern SWAT armored vehicle.  Whether your team has an MRAP, Lenco Bearcat, OshKosh, or any other brand of armored response vehicle, we can teach you how to optimize your capabilities (and safety) by implementing it properly.  The courses also covers both training of drivers in use of the vehicles and tactics for successful operations to include live fire scenarios.  This course does require you to provide at least one armored vehicle.


This one day course is custom designed by two certified Rappel Masters to teach the tactical officer proper gear selection and inspection along with procedures, tactics and techniques for rappelling in the tactical environment.  We can also come to your jurisdiction and run a rappel tower (building, bridge, water tower, etc) for your entire tactical team.  This is a great way to build confidence, esprit de corps, and camaraderie all while getting officers to overcome their innate fear of heights.