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Custom Designed and On-Location Courses

Mission Critical Concepts has well over 20 years of training experience; training thousands of Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian personnel. We pride ourselves in our ability to custom design specific courses to meet the various needs of law enforcement and security agencies / officers.  If you have a topic or objective that isn’t offered in your area we can not only create a course to meet your demands, but we can bring it right to you.  We have the ability to bring all of our courses to your training site as well as the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. Listed below is just some of the courses offered by Mission Critical Concepts.

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State of Minnesota Twelve (12) Hour Pre-Assignment Security Training Course


Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis Surveys

First Aid & C.P.R. Certification

(American Heart Association)



CCW, Basic and Advanced Handgun Course, Shoot/ Don’t Shoot Decisional Training,

Simulation and Scenario based Training, F.A.T.S. / Video Simulation Training (Metro area only), Low Light/ No Light Firearms Courses


Critical Incident Stress Management and Intervention

Minnesota State Certified Continuing Education Security Training Courses

Tactical Discernment and Situational Awareness Training


Communications - Critical Component Communication / De-escalation Training

V.I.P. Services

V.I.P. / Executive Protection Courses, V.I.P. / Dignitary Protection Driving Courses/ Defensive Driving Courses/ Counter Ambush Courses, V.I.P. / Protection/ Site Assessment/ Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis


Policy Design and Creation


Facility / Site Survey, Security and Safety Assessments

Security Team Design, Composition and Operations


Use of Force - All levels of the Force Continuum / Legal Liabilities

First Aid, Compliance Techniques/ Softy Empty Hands, Defensive Tactics/ Dynamic Encounter Training, Hard Empty Hands, Armed and Unarmed Combative’s, A.S.R. (Aerosol Subject Restraint), Impact Weapon Training , Handcuffing, Weapons Retention, Specializing in Integrated Level III and Simulation/ Scenario Based Training


Report Writing

Custom Design Training Programs for Security Teams and Facilities