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Custom Designed and On-Location Courses

Mission Critical Concepts has well over 20 years of training experience; training thousands of Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian personnel. We pride ourselves in our ability to custom design specific courses to meet the various needs of law enforcement and security agencies / officers.  If you have a topic or objective that isn’t offered in your area we can not only create a course to meet your demands, but we can bring it right to you.  We have the ability to bring all of our courses to your training site as well as the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. Listed below is just some of the courses offered by Mission Critical Concepts.

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We currently offer a wide variety of classes

V.I.P. Protection

This course will provide the fundamental tactics and techniques for the executive protective agent who is tasked with providing security and protection for the “principle” in a variety of real world situations and circumstances.  It will cover all aspects of protection from one-man details to mid and full-size protection teams.  Class regimen includes how to protect the VIP on foot, in the home, in public venues, and in vehicles to include vehicular-mobile protection.  The course is taught by operational and tactical personnel with real world experience in V.I.P. and Executive protection.  This unique course will have some classroom portions but the majority will take place outside the classroom and include scenarios in the general public.

Scenario Based Force on Force

This is a one of kind civilian course offering. It is designed for the experienced civilian shooter or CCWP holder who wishes to test their comprehension, tactical and decisional abilities in a Simmunitions “Force on Force” environment.  The course will cover aspects such as armed home defense, deadly force in and around vehicles, hostile events in public, and multiple threat engagements.


Advanced civilian Handgun

This one day, 8-10 hour course is designed to take the CCWP civilian shooter to the next level of operation and tactical pistol craft. Participants will learn the fundamentals and principles of solid pistol craft, marksmanship, and gunfighting.  We will conduct several drills from holstered, concealed carry, reloads, malfunction clearance, shooting and moving, cover and concealment, and the tactics needed to prevail in deadly force incidents.


This one day course is custom designed by two certified Rappel Masters to teach the tactical officer proper gear selection and inspection along with procedures, tactics and techniques for rappelling in the tactical environment.  We can also come to your jurisdiction and run a rappel tower (building, bridge, water tower, etc) for your entire tactical team.  This is a great way to build confidence, esprit de corps, and camaraderie all while getting officers to overcome their innate fear of heights.

Civilian Fighting Rifle Course

This two-day intensive course is designed for civilians who are already fundamentally competent with their AR-15/M4 or AK-47/74 type fighting rifle. We will develop your skills and tactics to use these weapons platforms to protect yourself, your families, and your home against armed aggression. We will teach reloads, malfunction clearance, shooting from cover, shooting on the move, and fighting from vehicles with your rifle. We will fire from vehicles as well as shoot into them. We will teach you to fight by yourself as well as part of a team to respond and prevail during deadly force threats. We will only teach this course to law-abiding citizens that have no criminal history. Background checks are mandatory, no exceptions. Students will need a reliable fighting rifle, 4-6 magazines, and a method of carry: plate carrier, chest rack, belt pouches, etc.

SERS / Survival - Survive, Escape, Return, Sustain

This is a first of its kind, civilian course designed to teach the basics of survival for the general SURVIVAL MINDED civilian population. This is a lengthy two day course that will address a broad range of basic topic areas having to do with initial, temporary and longer term survival and sustainment issues. The course will address basic preparation for catastophic events, defense and situational awareness scenarios, equipment and packing preparation needs, basic survival handgun employment, urban and rural movement, destination orienteering, routing and mapping, and E & E tactics and techniques. The second portion of the second day will include basic Simmunitions scenarios at a designated force on force shooting facility.

Self-defense and personal protection

All levels of civilian safety and protection from elementary age to senior citizen programs.      

This one day, 8-10 hour course is designed to exceed the current CCWP training requirements for concealed carry. Participants will learn from operational personnel the foundational skills, knowledge and legal requirements to safely and tactically carry a handgun during daily carry.  If you are looking for the state mandated, bare minimum four hour course; this isn’t for you.  This class is for citizens who are looking for in-depth training that builds a foundation on the seven fundamentals of marksmanship as well as what to do legally and tactically in a deadly force situation