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Mission Critical Concepts has well over 20 years of training experience; training thousands of Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian personnel. We pride ourselves in our ability to custom design specific courses to meet the various needs of law enforcement and security agencies / officers.  If you have a topic or objective that isn’t offered in your area we can not only create a course to meet your demands, but we can bring it right to you.  We have the ability to bring all of our courses to your training site as well as the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. Listed below are just some of the courses offered by Mission Critical Concepts.

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High Risk Traffic Stops

This one day course offers reinforcement of the basic, time-proven techniques. In addition, participants will be trained in advanced techniques to provide the tactical mind-set and operational techniques required to control high risk stops effectively so that every stop is brought to a successful conclusion while minimizing the risks to everyone involved. This course will cover how to defeat ambushes launched from within and around vehicles as well as how to conduct vehicle takedowns for violent crimes in progress.

Advanced Handgun

This two day course is designed for police officers that have attained a moderate level of proficiency with their hand gun and want to improve their speed, accuracy, and overall gunfighting pistol skills.   This course moves the participant towards mastering the foundational skills and seven fundamentals of marksmanship.  The student will be challenged to perform asymmetric movement exercises while confidently and competently handling their duty pistol. Students will shoot on the move, into and out of vehicles, moving targets, and work reloads and various malfunction drills.

Patrol Rifle Operator

This course is designed to teach  and certify patrol officers how to properly and safely deploy an AR-15 / M-4 style rifle.  This class will be conducted in the classroom and on the range.  Students will learn the seven fundamentals of marksmanship, basic weapons handling, safety, and achieve speed and accuracy with the patrol rifle.


This one day course is custom designed by two certified Rappel Masters to teach the tactical officer proper gear selection and inspection along with procedures, tactics and techniques for rappelling in the tactical environment.  We can also come to your jurisdiction and run a rappel tower (building, bridge, water tower, etc) for your entire tactical team.  This is a great way to build confidence, esprit de corps, and camaraderie all while getting officers to overcome their innate fear of heights.

Night Vision Operator

This is a two day course designed to provide the tactical operator with a strong foundation for the use of night vision equipment and its role in law enforcement tactical operations. The course is a systematic approach to equipment selection, use, its limitations and operational considerations through classroom discussions, practical exercises, live fire range drills and scenario based exercises using force on force marking rounds. Students will gain hands-on experience with the function and operation of various night vision systems as well as various infrared laser sighting systems; the use if IR Light, the benefits and limitations of night vision devices and associated equipment; and the dangers presented by infrared laser devices to eye safety. Thermal options will also be available for comparison during the class.

P.I.T. / T.V.I.

This course is designed to teach the student/officer the advanced techniques of Pursuit Immobilization Technique (P.I.T.) and Tactical Vehicle Intercept (T.V.I). This course teaches the various forces and operational factors concerning the use and application of these two dynamic techniques. These include: how to forcefully stop, redirect or remove a moving vehicle from its course of travel during pursuit, and highway and emergency-response performance techniques.

Low Light/ No Light Firearms Training

This one day course deals with all of the issues, tactics and techniques presented in the basic firearms course with the addition of the use and implementation of modern Low Light and No Light shooting tactics and conditions. Officers are taught the various handling and shooting techniques associated with the use of a firearm during Low Light and No Light operations both in the classroom and range setting.  This course is primarily designed for handgun but we can certainly tailor this to your needs and incorporate shotgun and/or rifle, or all three.

Basic Shotgun

This course will involve extensive familiarization with the police shotgun to include pump-action and semi-auto.  This class is designed as a basic course and teaches all aspects of safety, fundamentals of marksmanship, handling and deployment of the 12 gauge police shotgun. The course is spent in the classroom and on the firing range.  The student will learn how to safely, rapidly, and accurately deploy the shotgun in police operations. This course will cover strengths and weaknesses of the shotgun, ballistics (buckshot and slug), loading / reloading, transitions, malfunction clearance, and how to fight (and win) with your shotgun.

Advanced Patrol Rifle Operator

This course is designed for officers that are already familiar and have experience with the AR-15 / M-4 rifle and desire to push the envelope of operational capabilities with this rifle.  This course moves the participant towards mastering the foundational skills necessary for effective weapons handling and employment. We will teach you how to rapidly and accurately engage targets, deal with multiple threats, deploy in and around vehicles, accurately engage out to a minimum of 100 yards, fire from unconventional positions, and shoot on the move. In a nutshell, we teach you how to win gunfights with your patrol rifle.

Human Tracking

This course is designed to take law enforcement personnel through the art and discipline of man tracking. Students will learn how to track and use  tracking skills to succesfully pursue dangerous criminals fleeing on foot in most rural terrain.  Students will leave our course with the confidence and skills to track in any terrain, an increased awareness of their surroundings and situations, and learn or “refresh” their land navigation skills.

Counter Ambush for the Patrol Officer

This is a new and aggressive Patrol level course designed in response to the current threat of dynamic and sudden ambushes on uniformed patrol personnel while on patrol. Officers are increasingly and alarmingly being attacked and ambushed without provocation and this course will deal with attacks and ambushes on foot, while mobile and from mobile situations for patrol personnel in CQB (Close Quarter Combat) situations. We will teach you how to avoid ambush attempts and the tactics to defeat one. We will analyze multiple officer involved shootings where ambush tactics were used and implement the lessons learned.  We deliver solutions and methods to maximize your counter-ambush abilities. We will help you be the victor on the day you find yourself the intended victim of a violent ambush.

Basic Narcotics Investigations / Operations Course

This course will focus on the basics of narcotics investigation for the patrol level or new narcotics investigator with limited experience in the field of narcotics and drug investigation. Officers will learn the basic pharmacology and identification of controlled substances, legal issues and liabilities from the street perspective. Students will learn basic investigation concepts & techniques and informant development and implementation. Officers will learn the foundation of narcotics investigations to enable them to function more effectively in their role as enforcement officers. Course will cover the tactical aspects of drug takedowns, rips, UC operations, surveillance, and search warrants.

Basic Handgun Course

This course will involve extensive familiarization and utilization of the handgun in a variety of situations and conditions.  The course is designed to enhance and challenge the officer to improve and develop their skills and tactics.  We will make the officer a significantly better shooter by pushing the seven fundamentals through repetition during dry-fire and range drills.  We can make this a one, two, or three day course depending on your needs.

Advanced Shotgun

This course is designed for officers that are already familiar and have experience with the police shotgun and desire to push the envelope of operational capabilities with this platform. This course moves the participant towards mastering the foundational skills necessary for effective weapons handling and employment. We will teach you how to rapidly and accurately engage targets, deal with multiple threats, deploy in and around vehicles, fire from unconventional positions, and shoot on the move. In a nutshell, we teach you how to win gunfights with your shotgun.

Patrol Combatives

Students will be instructed in the various levels of combative’s ranging from unarmed CQB (Close Quarters Battle), groundfighting, defending against surprise attacks and physical ambushes, multiple aggressors as well as live fire drills on immediate threats.   Officers will learn and demonstrate the various techniques and tactics and then apply them during practical exercises with the aid of training aids and equipment. This is an aggressive course involving speed, surprise, and violence of action to dominate and overwhelm threats to law enforcement personnel.

V.I.P. Protection

This course will provide the fundamental tactics and techniques for the executive protective agent who is tasked with providing security and protection for the “principle” in a variety of real world situations and circumstances.  It will cover all aspects of protection from one-man details to mid and full-size protection teams.  Class regimen includes how to protect the VIP on foot, in the home, in public venues, and in vehicles to include vehicular-mobile protection.  The course is taught by operational and tactical personnel with real world experience in V.I.P. and Executive protection.  This unique course will have some classroom portions but the majority will take place outside the classroom and include scenarios in the general public.

Pursuit / Emergency Driving Course

This course is designed for the beginning or remedial instruction of officers who need a solid foundation for pursuit and emergency-response vehicle operations in the performance of their duties. Officers will work through steadily more complex vehicle operational modes to establish a solid foundation of vehicle handling under all conditions. Participants will then take those skills and apply them under varying experiential training exercises to allow them to establish a decisional foundation for safe, prudent, and effective vehicle operations.

Advanced Narcotics Investigation Course

This course will move past the basics of narcotics investigation and focus on advanced techniques and operations for more in-depth and longer-term investigations and case development. Students will learn   advanced case initiation and handling techniques from experienced Narcotics Investigators.  We will teach you how to utilize a variety of thoughtful sources to further develop and expand a basic simple investigation into a major, multi-level case. Participants will develop the ability to work towards long term information, intelligence and evidence gathering techniques using contemporary electronic and digital information gathering technology.  Our course will deal with investigations that are complex, involve multiple suspects, guns, money laundering, and analyzing traditional criminal enterprise trends (and mistakes).  Investigators will learn basic conspiracy theory and intelligence usage along with the employing various tracking devices and predictive analytic techniques.