Night Vision Operator Course – Law Enforcement Only

Chisago Country Sheriff's Office 15230 Per Road, Center City, MN, United States

This 2 day course is designed to provide the tactical officer with a strong foundation for the use of night vision equipment and its role in law enforcement tactical operations. Students will gain hands-on experience with the function and operation of various night vision devices, infrared laser sighting systems, IR lights and handheld thermal units. […]


2-Day Patrol Rifle Course – Law Enforcement Only

F5 Pine County MN, United States

Mission Critical Concepts’ 2-Day Patrol Rifle course is designed to provide the officer with the necessary skills to Shoot / Move / Communicate with speed and accuracy using the officer’s issued/agency rifle. This course will be held at the home range of 3-Gun World Champion Josh Froelich in Pine County, MN. During this two-day class, […]


2-Day Observe / Diagnose / Remedy – Pistol Course

Duluth Police Department Range

The majority of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors are not set up for success in teaching their audience on how to improve their shooting performance – they are training to get through a lesson plan. This course will shift that paradigm and put the students’ performance first. The Two-day Observe – Diagnose – Remedy training course […]