2-Day Observe / Diagnose / Remedy – Pistol Course

Duluth Police Department Range

The majority of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors are not set up for success in teaching their audience on how to improve their shooting performance – they are training to get through a lesson plan. This course will shift that paradigm and put the students’ performance first. The Two-day Observe – Diagnose – Remedy training course […]


Female Firearms Fundamentals – Registration Closed

F5 Pine County MN, United States

MISSION CRITICAL CONCEPTS is offering a combined handgun and patrol rifle fundamentals course for female officers at the private range of 3-Gun World Champion Josh Froelich, F5 Range. This course is for all female officers looking to improve their skills (grip/vision/trigger, speed, accuracy, and movement) in a low-stress, confidence-boosting learning environment. Attendees will be split […]